A Glucksman Library, University of Limerick Digital Exhibition
About this exhibition
Limerick & the 1916 Rising is the story of the Limerick Fenian John Daly, his family and their contribution and involvement in the 1916 Rising. All of the material in the exhibition comes from the Daly collection at the Glucksman Library, University of Limerick. The exhibition attempts to chart the relationship between John Daly and key figures in the Rising such as Thomas Clarke, and Seán MacDiarmada. John Daly acts as a mentor to these individuals. They visit Daly in Limerick and the exhibition features their letters and photographs in the years leading up to 1916. Patrick Pearse and Roger Casement are some of the leaders of the rebellion who interact with the Daly family.
Highlights of the exhibition are the last known letters of Seán MacDiarmada and Edward ‘Ned’ Daly. Ned Daly was John Daly’s nephew and was in command of the garrison at the Four Courts during the Rising. After his execution, his possessions were returned to his family and these items form a very poignant piece in the collection. John Daly died in June 1916 and the tricolour that was draped over his coffin concludes the exhibition but it points to the beginning of the War of Independence that was soon to follow.
In parallel to this website, an exhibition ran at the Hunt Museum from 21 March through 15 May 2016.
John Daly the Fenian
John Daly the Mayor
The Irish Volunteers
The Funeral of O’Donovan Rossa
The Easter Rising
The Aftermath
The Parlour
The 1916 Limerick Memorial